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I'm currently writing and producing my own films. I've experience in and am happy to take up work in

  • The Direction Department

  • The Production Department


Master of Arts (M.A.), Philosophy (2011–2016)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Philosophy and English Studies (2007–2012)


WORK EXPERIENCE (A shortened summary)


  • production assistant, Story House Productions, ZDFzeit (03-06/2018)

  • set decorator, “Inklusive”, Anne Koths, (12/2017)


  • line Producer, short “The Bomb” (08-01/2019)

  • director/producer/scriptwriter, short “Who Cares ?” (02/2018)

  • production assistant, short “Der Tag X”, Katharina Rivillis (01-02/2018)

  • line producer, short "Aimbot", J. Gärtner  (06/2017-02/2018)

  • 1st AD, short "Unexpected Monsters", S. Tamaro (08-09/2017)

  • director/ writer/ producer/ editor, short "Kleiner Garten" (11/2016-02/2017), O. Stubbe

  • 1st AD, short "The Printer", E. Mirza (07-08/2017)

  • 1st AD / casting director, graduate film "Strand", H. Suzuki (07-08/2016)


                                             AMAZONAS, J. Neumann

  • Guildhall School of Music and Drama London

     Acting Shakespeare Summer School(2007)


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