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I'm currently producing my own films. I've experience in and am happy to take up work as a

  • Director
  • Director's assistant
  • Producer
  • Production assistant
  • Screenwriter

My English is fluent, although German is my mother tongue, so feel free to contact me in either language.



Master of Arts (M.A.), Philosophy (2011–2016)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Philosophy and English Studies (2007–2012)



  • Regie/Produktion/Script, Short “Who Cares” (02/2018)

  • Produktionsassistenz, Short “Der Tag X”, Katharina Rivillis (01-02/2018)

  • Produktion/ Herstellungsleitung, Short "Aimbot", J. Gärtner  (06/2017-02/2018)

  • Regieassistenz, Short "Unexpected Monsters", S. Tamaro (08-09/2017)

  • Produktion/ Regie/ Drehbuch/Schnitt, Short "Kleiner Garten" (11/2016-02/2017)

  • Regieassistenz, Short "The Printer", E. Mirza (07-08/2017)

  • Regieassistenz/ Casting, Graduate film "Strand", H. Suzuki (07-08/2016)



     Acting Shakespeare Summer School(2007)



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