Shooting Diary and Crowdfunding Stuff

Guten Morgen!

It’s been a while, but I wanted to wait with another entry until there are big news. Here they are: we’re finished shooting and going to launch our Crowdfunding Campaign- well, now !!

So, how did the shoot go? First of all: I loved it even before it began. The night before the first day of shooting I felt like a giddy and very happy child before christmas. Or before their birthday. Tomato, tomato. Point is: children of the world- if you ever ask your cranky parents why they no longer care for their birthdays or christmas or whatever holiday or event you are excited about and they say: dunno, I guess it simply goes away- they’re lying!! It doesn’t “just” go away. It goes away because being an adult sucks most of the time- but sometimes not- and though those moments are often hard work and have to be searched for-  they still exist.

We started shooting early (super early) on my 31st birthday. The guys arrived at 5:30 and  we shot the first few scenes in my flat. Then we moved on to shoot at the Nathanael Church in Berlin Schöneberg. By now starving and tired, we ended the day an hour ahead of schedule in front of a flower shop just before it started to rain. Venice had made Pasta Bolognaise (and I was grateful for the amount she made) and then that was it, at least with respect to shooting. The only thing that stank was that I had to make what felt like 100 calls to people with the potential ability to drive. Need. A. Drivers. License.

The second day started more rocky. I came late because of the immense traffic and my team hadn’t yet started setting up. They were cranky for me being late (fair enough) and I was cranky for them having waited despite me asking them to start. Then the steadycam rig refused to work and we probably lost an hour and a half trying to gaffa it together. Then the camera’s recording device broke down shortly after. Well, almost. Barry and Maria went to the 25 p Camera Store in Prenzlauer Berg and instead of giving us a new recording device they had a look at ours- and found that the footage was intact and the thing just needed repair. And repair it they did. If it still didn’t work, they’d send a currier out with a replacement. Say what you want, but that is good service. Meanwhile, the clock turned 12, turned 1, turned 2... my mum and Venice arrived with lunch. By now it was 3. We were about 5 hrs behind schedule. And I must have been out of my mind, because I was thinking: we can still do it!! And then I was saying: We can still do it!! I’m pretty sure that they all thought that I was mental. But I knew what I wanted and though even though it was super unsatisfying just to wait (god, how I hate waiting), we were a good and experienced team. Katja was good to go at any given moment anyway. And so I made a few adjustments to the planned shots and Diego and me decided which ones should have priority and which ones could be postponed to another day. And you know what? We really did manage almost everything! We came back 2 weeks later and spend another day shooting- but, to be honest- those shots, though beautiful and needed, are icing on the cake, a gift from my beautiful cast and crew to our movie to make it the best it can be. But we got the story on day 1 and 2. I’m not saying this to belittle that 3rd day of shooting, which turned out to be much, much harder and longer than expected, but to emphasise how well everyone worked together despite such a shitty thing happening.  We all knew that what delayed the shoot was no one’s fault and we were working to make things roll as fast as possible, so we all pretty much kept our cool.

When I sifted through the footage for the first time, just the raw footage without sound, it hit me that we actually made a short movie based on what was in my mind. That probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise, seeing as I was there on the shoot, but it strangely was. It is no longer mine. It is Katjas, and Diego’s and Marias and everyone else’s who worked on it. I cried watching the raw footage. The. Raw. Footage.And I wrote that stuff. That’s the kind of actress Katja is. When you see the finished film, you’ll understand.

So now María (Burghi) is editing away the first version and together with Yves ( Ruby) and other members of the Crew I’m going to launch the Crowdfunding Campaign for this film. I’m producing the film mostly myself, but the funds aren’t sufficient for the kind of quality I’m after. I am not yet eligible for filmfunds, so I’m glad this tool exists. It’s also a great way of telling people that our movie exists and that, yes, they can support our work.

Anyway, this is my long entry about my first ever shoot and about our upcoming campaign. Please support us by spreading the word or helping us financially.

Until next time- stay tuned!


Oh- and the most important thing: the link to our Campaign :-)